Pak Mei Kung Fu Sifu Matt Martin ConnecticutSifu M.Martin is a 6th Generation inheritor of the system and one of the last in-door disciples of Master Kwong Man Fong. He still acts as an assistant instructor at the New York City Chinatown branch and continues to train diligently on a consistent basis.

He is well-versed in the finer points of Pak Mei theory, technique, applications, weaponry and sparring. His training approach not only emphasizes the physical requirements of the martial arts; but also the equally important and necessary philosophical and ethical prerequisites.

In early 2009, Sifu Martin was given Master Fong’s blessing to open a new training hall and humbly accepted this honor with great enthusiasm. In the summer of 2009, he opened his first school in the South Bronx. After relocating to Fairfield County Connecticut in late 2011, he briefly taught in Darien and Stamford until his son was born. Between family and career obligations, teaching in Fairfield County has been put on hold. However he fully intends to resume teaching as soon as possible.

Sifu Martin first began training in various martial arts at a young age in 1984. His background consists of Tang Soo Do, Southern Shaolin, Muay Thai - and various other systems to a lesser degree. He’s traveled many paths and experienced a great deal of what the martial arts community has to offer (and what it doesn't). His only time away from martial arts was in the late 1980's/early 1990's where he sharpened his teeth in the characteristically violent east coast hardcore [music] scene; where fights were commonplace. After regaining discipline and returning to the martial arts in NYC in the mid 1990’s, he trained tirelessly and became fully focused on attaining a high proficiency in the arts; each day coming one step closer to that goal.

Pak Mei Kung Fu Sifu Matt Martin Connecticut
Outside of the martial arts, he is a 25+ year drummer. He's played in many bands within the tri-state area. He is an avid runner and cyclist and participates in many local running events and cycling tours. He also has a degree in History with a focus on Asian studies and philosophy.