Last Updated: March 2015


Man Fong Pak Mei Martial Arts Association SealThe MAN FONG PAK MEI MARTIAL ARTS ASSOCIATION has been a traditional Chinese kung fu institution in New York City since 1974. Our association was founded by Master Kwong Man Fong just a few years after his arrival to New York City from Hong Kong. Master Fong was the youngest student to train under Grandmaster Cheung Lai Chun and is one of very few remaining 5th Generation inheritors of the system. Although officially retired from teaching, he still trains and advises a select group of his indoor disciples, including the founder of Connecticut Pak Mei, Sifu M.Martin.

Master Fong has always taught openly with equality and without prejudice, provided students demonstrated a sincere devotion to the system. Given Master Fong's blessing, Sifu Martin originally began teaching Pak Mei kung fu in the South Bronx in early 2009, but relocated to Fairfield County, Connecticut in late 2011. He began teaching for a brief time until the birth of his son and is no longer teaching publicly (at the moment).

At present, this site is kept active primarily as a resource for Pak Mei kung fu. Sifu Martin still remains closely affiliated with the NYC school; where he acts as an assistant instructor under his sihing, Edgar Wong. If you are interested in training, please contact the NYC branch directly or email Sifu Martin or Sifu Edgar Wong.

Sifu Martin does intend to teach again in Fairfield County. Please check back periodically for updates.

The Kwong Man Fong lineage of White Eyebrow (Pak Mei) kung fu is an efficient fighting system that still maintains its purity; hasn't been altered by commercialism, hasn't been watered down, and still holds true to its traditional training methods.  Please feel free to visit the New York school and see for yourself.

Our Training Philosophy

MARTIAL ARTS OR "WARLIKE" ARTS have been extremely compromised over the past few decades, with some schools almost completely removing the Martial aspect from their curriculum. Whether this is done to appeal to the masses, for insurance reasons, or due to lack of skill - it is unacceptable and something we avoid at all costs.

INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION is paid to every student! We will assess and enhance your strengths. We will identify and improve upon any weaknesses. Every student that walks through our door is a representation of our System, Lineage, themselves, and the martial arts community as a whole. It is in the interest of all the aforementioned parties that we train you to your utmost potential.

. If you want to become a great football player, you don't practice baseball, tennis, and hockey. Pure systems of martial arts are becoming scarce these days. Without the existence of legitimate traditional systems, there will be a lesser quality of ingredients to 'MIX your martial arts' with. Different approaches may be taken from time to time to analyze the relationships and contrasts of traditional vs modern martial arts; but the primary focus always lies on the application and mastery of this singular system.

Students will be given every necessary tool needed to learn our style. However it is up to the student to put forth the necessary time, effort and discipline to absorb what is taught.
It's very simple: THE TEACHER'S JOB IS TO TEACH - THE STUDENT'S JOB IS TO LEARN. The end-result fully hinges upon a mutual and equal effort from both parties.

We strongly discourage violence, but we aim to make sure our students are physically and mentally prepared to protect themselves and their loved ones in a very real way. If diplomacy fails and one must defend themselves, you must be able to end a confrontation as quickly and effectively as possible.
Pak Mei is neither pretty nor flashy. It is fast, blunt and powerful - attributes one should have at their disposal if needed.