SYSTEM / Curriculum

Below are the key components of the Pak Mei curriculum. Each class session will emphasize one or more of these aspects. It should be noted that everything mentioned below will become increasingly fine-tuned as a student's general physical fitness improves. Therefore, a strong focus is also placed on consistent cardio, calisthenics, plyometrics, and isometrics.


In Pak Mei Kung Fu, the basics are of the utmost importance. Speed, coordination and power generation will all suffer without a proper understanding of the fundamental Pak Mei theories and mechanics. In order to build and maintain a solid foundation, basics will be drilled in every single class.


Iron-body conditioning is an integral part of Pak Mei. Not only does this develop and enhance physical endurance, but it gives the practitioner a heavy hand with a great deal of power. There are a multitude of conditioning drills done at the school; all of which have their own unique functionalities.


This is where you will acquire your Pak Mei arsenal. By means of repetition and application, these techniques will become fine-tuned over the years so that they become second nature when faced with a real-life confrontation. Hand sets also train and fine-tune the body's muscle-memory, thus sharpening and quickening reaction-time. Through trial and error, it is up to the student to find which sets and individual technique combinations best suit their abilities.


Due to the limited practicality of traditional kung fu weaponry in today's society, a lesser emphasis is placed on weapon sets. Weapon sets are taught mainly as conditioning drills, although applications will of course be practiced on a consistent and controlled basis. Self-defense against modern weaponry will also be examined throughout your training. Weapons include: Staff, Double-Axes, Tiger Fork, Butterfly Swords, etc.


This is the transitional stage between Sets and Sparring. Without an in-depth analysis of all that you are learning, there is little chance these techniques will come to your aid in real life. Applications are done one of two ways: slowly, paying close attention to all angles of attack and defense; and full-speed/full-power; melding body-mechanics, power-generation and reaction-time into one solid, instinctual force.


The quick, powerful, and relentless nature of our system should be constantly adhered to in Pak Mei. Due to the heavy-contact aggressive nature of Pak Mei sparring methods, beginning students will NOT spar until they have a decent feel for the system. They must have a firm grasp on the basics, but more importantly they must prove they have humility and integrity; as well as the utmost respect for their partner. Students will eventually also be exposed to a variety of different combat situations such as multiple opponents, weapons, etc.


Pak Mei exposes the mind and body to an aggressive state that needs to be calmed. Hei Gong (breathing) exercises are done at the beginning and end of each class. They serve to calm the mind and body as well as strengthen the internal organs. Hei Gong is also incorporated into every single movement in Pak Mei Fast and Slow Forms. This will be explained in greater detail to students.