MARTIAL VIRTUE or MO DUK is an extremely important aspect of Chinese Martial arts. It is the key component that distinguishes a "Fighting Art" from simple base violence. Most Asian fighting systems have a variant code of ethics that offsets and demands control and moral restraint to the aggressive and violent nature of the techniques taught.

A martial artist must never forget that he is able to harm others – even kill. What you choose to do with that ability is dictated on whether or not you choose to follow Mo Duk.

Mo Duk also ties in with such tenets as loyalty, integrity, and discipline. In terms of their skill and development in the arts, every students owes his teacher everything. At the beginning levels, students should heed their instructors' every word; stay loyal, respectful and train hard. At the Todai (disciple) level, students should exhibit unquestioned loyalty, gratitude, protection, assistance, etc. (provided the instructor does not abuse this position). In Chinese martial arts, the teacher/student relationship is akin to that of father and son.

Honor your teacher. Without him, you have no real knowledge.
Honor your system. Without it, you attain no real ability.
Adhere to Mo Duk. Without it, you're not a martial artist.

All of this is summarized below with clarity in the Pak Mei Creed.


First, you must respect your Ancestors.
Next, you must respect your Teachers.
Then, you must respect your Martial Art.

First, you must learn kindness.
Then, you must learn loyalty.
Only then, should you be concerned with learning Kung Fu.

After you have learned Kung Fu,
And you have learned control,
You become a powerful person.

Stay on the right path – do not pick on others.
Do not teach those who are not good and loyal,
No matter how much they may pay,
Even if they are family.

After you have learned the use of empty hand and stick,
There is great value within you.
Anything that you come in contact with will reflect that value –

Even a stone.